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Achieve the results you want quickly by working directly on the skills you need in your day-to-day business. We improve your performance at work by designing the perfect course with you and for you. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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Personalised classes and materials

A detailed needs analysis focusing on your current work needs enables us to design a course specially for you.

Define and reach your goals

With SMART goals and the GROW model, track and monitor your progress to improve your performance and maximise Return on Investment.

Constant motivation and feedback

Our dedicated trainers facilitate your learning process and help you to enrich your language learning experience.

Maximum speaking practice

Improve your fluency and conquer your fears in a comfortable environment.  Go Lean  in the classroom, do more with less.

We can help you with...

Presentations and public speaking
Networking and establishing relationships
Telephone and conference calls
Negotiating; inspiring and persuading
Meeting management
Internal and external communications
Conflict management and resolution
Giving and receiving feedback

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What people say about us...

We are in a rapid-changing industry and facing a fast-growing stage including international expansion for CAPSiDE, so we were looking for a combination of 1-to-1 speaking-focused classes with a mix of functional business & technical jargon priority. English Accelerators fulfilled our requirements and we do recommend their learning approach.

Josep Ruano Bou

English Accelerators helped us improve our advertisement treatment; we impressed our international clients and won the project. Thanks, we couldn't have done it without all your support and guidance! We would recommend EA for anyone who needs a fast solution for increasing the level of English in their company.

Alejandro Romero

- Director at The Video Design Co.
We were looking for personalised classes and materials adapted to each department. Their teachers show a huge interest in getting to know how we work and which tools we use and need at work, in order to help our employees to work better in English in their job. With no doubt it is a methodology that works. Our employees are really happy.

Cristina Sanahuja

- HR Manager at Wallapop
I need to speak English in my daily work for example, conversations with colleagues, telephone calls and answering emails. Since I’ve been doing classes with English Accelerators, I now feel confident enough to answer the telephone and emails and have also improved my fluency. I recommend this type of classes because they are adapted to my rhythm and level. There is no pressure and what’s more I learn with motivation and joy and even without noticing... speaking, speaking. They are amazing!

Cristina Osorio Garcia

- CAO at Ackcent